Ruide RTS 822 A Total Station

Ruide rts 822 a total elektronik peralatan elektronik 4356317
Larangan, Kota Tangerang, Banten
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RUIDE RTS-822A Total Station


-RTS-820 series is the first total station which is equipped with auto sensor of temperature and press - The ATMOsense System. It can detect the surrounding temperature and air pressure then calculate the RPM value and correct the distance measuring result in the real time.
-Various options for data transfer are available : SD-card , mini-USB and RS232. Internal memory is capable to store up to 20,000 points. External storage can be extended to 2GB.
-A sophisticated liquid-electronic compensator on 2 axis ensures a stable compensation within a tilt range of 4.
-COGO is suite of programs used in civil engineering for solving cooridnate geometry programs. It employs some basic types of elements such as points, spirals, lines, curve, etc. to calculate the inverse, azimuth and distance, area, line and offest.
-The RTS TRANSFER software provides a complete and easy-to-use solution for data exchange between the total station and computer, as well as transferring to DXF format.
-Detailed raw data and coordinates data can be downloaded to the computer and you can also edit and upload coordinates data and road data to the total station.
-After you download the coordinates data to the computer, you can post process the data like changing the element order, and convert it DXF field which can be used in CAD.

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