Digidock Universal PU Suction Cradle CR-1102PU

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The digidock CR-1102PU hand-free PU cradle allows the attachment of any flat backed mobile device in a matter of seconds.

The unique PU suction design ( SmartPad) offers a variety of applications on both the dashboard and windshield in a firm and secure matter. The patent swiveling hinge allows the adjustment of the PU Pad view angle in any directions swiftly.


Small rotating suction cradle compatible with "SmartPad" on dashboards.

Easy to install/uninstall on most dashboards and windshields.

The spherical joint allows the adjustment of the viewing position of your mobile device in any preferable directions

High quality PU Pad to secure the mobile device firmly.

Compatible with multiple smartphone devices along with iPad mini and other medium tablet devices.

Clean and dry the surface of the "SmartPad" with water or alcohol to maintain its adhesiveness.

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