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# Smooth focusing gives extreme experience
Use professional program to realize smooth and precise focusing during shooting video or photographyIt can receive and operate all commands accurately; thereby camera lens can be moved smoothly. It is the best tool for MTV, short film, wedding photography and so on.
# Professional dampening design
Center control wheel uses high quality material and professional dampening design, brings you an extremely new experience. The appearance of center control wheel adds new graininess and finger groove design, you can adjust better.
# Switch focus points rapidly
In video mode, V-Control S can save /delete / switch A/ B/ C/ D focus points and that can be displayed on LED. Multiple focus speed options make work more efficiently. Apply to shift various focus points frequently.
# Total live video remote
Functions include start & stop video, digital zoom, focus choose and focus step & rate adjustment. It is perfect for wedding recording and short film.
# Precise exposure control
In Still mode, you can adjust ISO, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation.
# Supports firmware update
Enhance whole performance stability, and expand
the compatibility of Canons future cameras.
# Lens Compatibility :
1. All Canon, Sigma, Tokina and Tamron autofocus lenses are known to function.
2. Manual focus lenses will not have focus control, but other functions such as settings changes or video start/stop will work.

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