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Kualitas tak perlu diragukan lagi. Untuk semua jenis kamera DSLR NIKON.
Triopo TR-982II is a classic optical based flashgun, rated to 15 meters indoors, and the slaves have to face the master controller so they can see it. 4 channels and 3 groups, lighting ratios up to 3 gears in 1/3 steps. The TR-982II is silent and powerful, makes no noise, measure only 2.8 seconds from a full-power dump to ready light ON with a freshly charged set of Sanyo ene loop. It has a 18-180mm range, but not good enought, there isn't really any more concentration of light set to longer than 105mm.

1. TTL Flash, Manual Flash, Multi flash
2. Wireless slave unit function: Compatibility with the Canon & Nik0n
Wireless flash system, realize TTL from machine, manual and frequency flash.
3. S1/S2 Light flashing mode
4. Flash Control by Camera (only for newest Canon Version)
5. High Speed Sync 1/8000s
6. Rear-curtain Sync
7. Voice prompt, custom function, power save mode
8. Overheating protection, automatic save function
9. Large size LCD display
10. Manual and auto zoom function
11. Quick response. Full output recycle time only 2.9 seconds
12. Support High Speed Continuous Shooting: In 1/16 brightness and blew, it can support 12EPS high speed continuous shooting
Model: TR-982II
GN: 58 (ISO100 180mm)
Flash Range: 20mm-200mm
High-speed Sync: 1/8000s
Wireless Setting: Master/Slave
Adustable Angle: Up/down - -7/90 Left/right - 180/180
Flash Exposure Compensation: Support ( with an increment of 1/3 or 2/1 steps in 3 gear)
Frequency: 1-199Hz
Optical Pluse: Yes
Assisted Focus: Yes
Recycle Time: 0.1s-2.9s
1 x TRIOPO TR-982II Speedlite for Nik0n
1 x Mini Bracket
1 x Portable Case for Speedlight
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Flash HSS 1/8000s TRIOPO TR-982II Nikon with TTL Master/Slave

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