Total Station Leica FlexLine TS06 Plus R300.R500.R1000

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TS Leica Flexline TS06 Plus R500 - Reflectorless Total Station Ready Stok
Leica Flexline TS06 Plus R500
The Leica TS06 Plus total station is ready for any challenge and has been designed for mid-accuracy applications.
As standard, this instrument features full alpha-numerical keyboard with full function keys and a complete set of application software.
For additional flexibility, a wide range of options ensures that you can always count on your Leica TS06 Plus total station.
For more convenience, use the Bluetooth wireless technology to connect any data collector and use the Software which best suits your task and familiarity.
Whether you measure to prisms, or prefer direct measurements to objects, the choice is always yours. The Leica FlexLine TS06 Plus features the R500 reflectorless measuring.

PinPoint Reflectorless System
Inaccessible measuring points are a thing of the past! Leica FlexLine TS06 Plus total stations can measure to any surface without prisms. The PinPoint R500 technology ensures you can measure upto 500m with the highest degree of measuring accuracy.

Wide Range Of Options
Accuracy: Prism: 3500 m, 1.5 mm accuracy (standard)

Distance Measurement without Reflector - Reflectorless
>500 m PinPoint R500(standard)
>1000 m PinPoint R1000(optional)

Alpha-numerical Keyboard (standard)
Second keyboard (optional)
Bluetooth wireless (optional)
USB Type A and Mini B (standard)
Emitting Guide Light for stake out (optional)
Leica Flexline TS06 Plus RReflectorless Total Station
1 x TS06 Plus RTotal station
1 x Standard Keyboard
1 x Leica GDF111-1 Tribrach Without Optical Plum
1 x Leica GKL211 Battery Charger
1 x AC/DC-Adapter for GKL211
2 x Leica GEB211 Battery
1 x Leica GEV18

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