Pola Kristik Original / Asli Cross Stitching Art - Angelica

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Kota Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta
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"As music started, she paused by the fountain patiently waiting for him to invite her to dance. Angelica looks elegant in her glamorous gown as the sparkling emerald gemstones reflect candle lights of the ball room...Stitch your own romance story from the glamourous era."
The "Angelica" model is stitched on 32 count Lambswool Jobelan fabric. The design is suitable for Aida fabrics.
Finished size: 8.86" x 15.36" inches or 898; 909;XXXXX cm on 28 count o 14 count.
Finished size: 7.75" x 13.44" inches or 19.68 x 34.13 cm on 32 count or 16 count.
Stitched area: 124 x 215. Stitched 2 over 2.
Please add 2 extra inches on each side for framing to the finished size.
Materials used:
DMC color list 26 colors: 38; 975; 3818; XXXXX 22.50 x XXXXX 09; 310; 335;XXXXX 6413; 414;XXXXX 762; 890 * 2 skeins; 563; 564;XXXXX 77; 680; 754;XXXXX 3865
Mill Hill beads 6 packs: 02001; 02010; 02017; 02912; 913; 94%%replXXXXX

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