Jual Testo 435-4 Multifunction HVAC and IAQ Meter

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The Test 435-4 Multifunction HVAC and IAQ Meter is the preferred instrument for todays professional air balancing contractors, commissioning experts and building energy management specialists. Quickly and easily verify system performance to provide real time BTU/hour readings. The Testo 435-4 is perfect for monitoring, analyzing and diagnosing indoor air quality problems anywhere you need to take important IAQ measurements. You can easily pinpoint and troubleshoot problems with HVAC systems and see the results of corrections immediately.
Commissioning, validating, benchmarking, or simply adjusting HVAC systems are all easy with the Testo 435-4. All the right parameters for HVAC and IAQA new IAQ probe measures CO2, relative humidity, room air temperature and absolute pressure for evaluating indoor air quality. In addition the 435-4 can calculate absolute pressure, draft, lux and surface temperature. Determining volume flow, is easy with a wide selection of thermal probes, vane probes and Pitot tubes.
The Testo 435-4 is designed to accept a variety of probes depending upon your application. The extraordinatory selection makes it possible to measure everything from IAQ to velocity. A 10 H20 differential pressure probe is integrated into the Testo 435-3 for next purpose. The vane probe with a diameter of 2.4 in. is suited for integrated measurements at registers. For duct measurements, a 0.6 in. vane probe with a broad range, 118 to 8000 fpm is available. The Pitot tube is ideal for higher air velocities.

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