Jual Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyser Kit

Testo 310 flue gas an elektronik peralatan 4366975
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The Testo 310 is an ideal entry-level product used for flue gas analysis. Its been designed purposefully to be used with heating systems and deliver high accuracy testing results, making this product ideal for use by all gas and heating professionals. When in use during testing scenarios the Testo 310 is able to measure temperature (flue gas), temperature (ambient), draught, press, 02, CO, ambient CO and can also evaluate the determination degree of effectivity (Eta) and exhaust gas loss. To aid with creating comprehensive records the 310 also includes an integrated infrared interface which means it can connect wirelessly to an optional Testo printer. This allows users to take a measurement, send that result to the printer and then instantly print a record of the results taken. The standard kit of the Testo 310 comes with a large amount of accessories designed to make testing procedures as quick and as easy as they can possibly be. All of this also comes in a protective hard case, making carrying the Testo 310 and its accessories between jobs simple.
Features :
Durable, lightweight instrument designed for heavy industrial use, commercial use and dirty conditions
Illuminated display with two line results and easy-to-understand menu structure
Automatic zeroing of the sensor (can be cancelled if not needed)
Integrated lithium rechargeable battery gives around ten hours running time
Rechargeable via USB connectivity
Probe filter is easily exchangeable
Integral magnets allow the Testo 310 to be easily attached to boilers and metallic surfaces
Condensate trap for high accuracy measurements.

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