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While the standard range of CAT4s from Radiodetection are excellent products, the functionality of the eCAT4 range makes them by far the superior testing instruments in this range.
Made as a result of extensive research into testing the ground in order to effectively locate buried utilities, thus allowing excavation professionals to safely dig around these utilities, the eCAT4 provides a comprehensive solution for detecting, logging and avoiding gas piping, water pipes, telecom cables, streetlight spurs and any other buried utilities.
One of the most useful exclusive functions found on the eCAT4 range is the inclusion of built-in datalogging capabilities. This allows the user to log more than a years worth of testing data onto on-board memory and direct download into PC is easy. Further interaction with this data can be carried out by using CAT Manager software (sold separately) and it is possible to log the following factors: mode of use, date and time of survey, angle of use, bargraph readout, depth measurements made, last/next calibration date, genny/power/radio signal strengths, StrikeAlert/SWING warning statuses, audio status, sensitivity control setting, battery status and Dynamic Overload Protection/signal overload status.
The eCAT4 also comes with a built-in CAL service indicator that generates a 31-day service due countdown on the built-in LCD screen and uses Radiodetections SWING technology to alert the user to excessive or rapid swinging of the instrument (which often leads to missed detection). The unit is equipped with sensors to detect incorrect usage with an alert to let the user know theyre not testing correctly.
Detected signal information is relayed through an LCD screen at the top of the instrument. This tester is able to use four separate modes to detect signals, each of which can be used for specialised applications. The first of these, avoidance, allows the user to simultaneously search for and pinpoint genny, power and radio signals. The second mode, genny, picks up on signals emitted by the Genny4 signal generator. The third mode, power, detects electromagnetic fields from live cables and the fourth, radio, detects long-range radio signals as they travel along buried cables and pipes.
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