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An upgraded version of Radiodetections standard CAT4, the CAT4+ includes all of the functionality of the original unit and also includes a depth estimation function for more accurate determination of buried utility location.
The CAT4 range is a result of 30 years of research into cable avoidance technology. Incorporating all of the functionality necessary to find both buried utilities that give off their own signals and via the use of a Genny4 utilities that dont give off their own signals, the CAT4+ allows excavation professionals to gain a comprehensive map of the ground underfoot, ensuring accidental strikes of buried utilities such as water pipes, gas pipes, electrical cables and other utilties dont happen.
Four separate signal determination modes are available on the CAT4+, with information about each relayed through a built-in LCD screen with backlight and bargraph representation. Avoidance Mode, the first of these signals, is used to simultaneously search for and pinpoint Genny, Power and Radio signals and is ideal for speeding up locates. Genny mode reads the signals transmitted from the Genny (with on-demand estimation of buried utility depth), Power mode detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables and Radio mode detects long-range radio signals as they travel along buried cables and pipes.
All of the CAT4 range are equipped with unique technology known as eCert. This allows the tool to be connected up to PC and via an internet connection to Radiodetection allows the unit to be assessed to ensure that hardware and software are working correctly. This can also be used to extend the validity of the CAT4s calibration certificate whenever you need it.
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