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Keson digital electro elektronik peralatan elektronik 8011319
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The only electronic wheel with a steel frame! Digital display shows measurements up to 99,999 ft., 11 in. or 99,999.9 in tenths and metric. Magnetic sensors ensure reliable input. Other features include a backlight LCD, auto shut-off, add wheel radius for wall-to-wall measuring, 3/4 steel tubing frame, a built-in kickstand, and the handle folds down for compact storage.
Features :
Keson Digital Electronic Metal Professional Measuring Wheel
The MP401E is the only electronic wheel with a steel frame.
It is the worlds sturdiest electronic measuring wheel, and Keson thinks its the easiest and the most comfortable to use.
Keson is confident that it will stand up to the harshest field conditions.
Swan-Neck ergonomic handle the patent-pending thumb-up grip ensures less wrist strain and superior control.
Reliable input system with magnetic sensors Dust, dirt and other particles can disrupt a light beam used in competitive units. Kesons magnetic pick-up does not have these problems.
Sealed Counter encasement Designed to NEMA Class II standards, Kesons counter housing ensures that it will not be damaged by rain. You can safely clean the entire wheel with a damp cloth.
Counter size and placement Our huge digital counter is in the most protected spot on the wheel.
With the handle up, it is nearly impossible for the counter to come into contact with the ground.
With the handle down, the roll bar offers solid protection.
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Jual Keson Digital Electronic 4ft Metal Professional Measuring Wheels

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