Jdsu ngc 4500 certifi elektronik peralatan elektronik 7723737
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Revolutionary touch design, with intuitive touch screen at both ends makes using the JDSU NGC-4500 Certifier40G Cable Certifier the easiest cable tester ever. The full screen at both ends of the JDSU NGC4500 allows users in the field to minimize their walking time by initiating, configuring, and storing tests from either side of a link or channel. The JDSU NGC 4500s next-generation measurement engine can measure above and beyond the frequencies of current testers, certifying Class-FA frequencies with full Level IV accuracy. The JDSU NGC-4500 can measure frequencies for all current standards and future cabling standards required for copper cables.
Features :
Touch two-ended control
Future proof 1600 MHz testing
Fastest CAT 6A/Class FA test
ReLevel IV accuracy over the full Class FA spectrum
Integrated planning software
Improve installer productivity up to 50 percent by eliminating unnecessary walking between local and remote units, with a Touch2 system that lets them view and analyze test results at both ends
Protect your investment with the most advanced tester in the market that certifies beyond TIA-568/ISO 11801 standards, with a 1600 MHz measurement frequency.
Quickly increase the productivity of new and experienced installers using the revolutionary large touch screen with intuitive user interface.
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Jual JDSU NGC-4500 Certifier40G Cable Certifier

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