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LanTEK II offers the best speed, performance and price available today. Nine second Cat 5e and 14 second Cat 6 tests with full performance data plus 10 Gigabit Alien Crosstalk testing thats more than 4x faster than other systems make LanTEK2 the ultimate copper certification platform. The patented universal adapter systems lets you certify most cabling with off-the-shelf patch cords saving time and money by eliminating the need for proprietary permanent link adapters.
The optional FiberTEK FDX modules provide the worlds only dual wavelength, bidirectional fiber certification available thats more than 3x faster than existing testers. Three models provide the needed performance without the added expense; choose from 350 MHz/Cat 6, 500 MHz/Cat 6A or 1000 MHz/Cat7A all with accuracy independently verified by ETL.
LanTEK II also offers ultimate versatility with options for certification of TERA, GG45 and EC7 category 7/7A systems, plus M12 industrial Ethernet and coaxial test adapters.
Features :
Best price/performance options models ranging from 350 MHz to 1000 MHz for Category 6/ISO E through Category 7A/ISO FA certification
High speed testing saves time and money
Most internal memory available store over 1700 Category 6/ISO E tests with graphs
Patented testing method eliminate expensive permanent link adapters and test with patch cords for most installation
Extraordinary fast fiber testing with FiberTEK FDX the first dual wavelength, bidirectional fiber certification tool
Large, ultra-bright display 4.3 in. wide screen display with white LED backlighting provides easy viewing of high-frequency data plots
350 MHz & 500 MHz models are fully upgradable to 1000 MHz
Smart lithium-ion battery technology 18 hour battery life with self calibrating fuel gauge for accurate capacity readings.
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Jual Ideal 33-992 500MHZ LanTEK II Series Cable Certifier

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