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Jual Fluke Networks MTSCOPE MetroScope Service Provider Assistant (7895837) di Kota Depok
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The new MetroScope Service Provider Assistant test set from Fluke Networks can help you in this evolving landscape, with advanced features to help you offer differentiated services and increase customer satisfaction, all while reducing both Capex and Opex costs.
As more customers turn to Ethernet, service providers are faced with new opportunities and threats. Ethernet service is becoming a commodity. As more services providers offer the same service, prices continue to decline. But, there are opportunities, as well. By offering differentiated services, providers can extract additional revenues. And, keeping customers is much easier if you provide excellent service when things go wrong.
Offer differentiated services
Ethernet provides the flexibility to offer package services and maximize revenues. With the MetroScope test set, you can define custom tests to match your service offerings. High-accuracy jitter measurements let you offer SLAs for VoIP and IPTV. If you are moving into advanced services such as DNS or email, the MetroScope test set can provide tests to demonstrate SLA compliance for response time for these applications and many more. It can even generate custom reports with your logo as proof of your services to your customer.
Increase customer satisfaction
Taking too long to resolve customer issues not only wastes time and money, it can result in the loss of clients and future revenues. The new MetroScope test set takes advantage of more than a decade of Fluke Networks IP expertise to put unmatched troubleshooting power behind a deceptively simple user interface. Advanced capabilities such as VLAN discovery and monitoring can be accessed with just a screen touch. Use SNMP to query switches and routers, find overloaded ports and pinpoint offending devices. The full video graphics array (VGA) display shows you details which most handheld test sets cannot.
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Jual Fluke Networks MTSCOPE MetroScope Service Provider Assistant

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