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Island Coffee - Luwak Specialist

Coffee & Roastery


The coffee we produce are high quality coffee , because come from wild civet who live our farm tha we have . We also process the coffee organically without chemicals , these conditions make our coffee has the best quality to be enjoyed

Kopi luwak is an excellent coffee with a unique taste , no wonder why it is the words mos expensive coffee ! The seeds go throught fermentation process while being digested by asian palm civet (luwak) . The animal is very picky and eats only the best fruit ,which after digestion lose their bitter taste and create a mild aroma of the coffee .

We welcome all inquiries or consultations on agencyship and distributionship of our products

This box contains :

100 Gr Luwak coffee

8 Pcs Drip filter

Contact Mobile : kosong delapan triple satu kosong tujuh tujuh satu enam delapan

We chat : imperial_hong
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Island Coffee Authentic Luwak Coffee 100gram , Gift Box (1/2kg ) Isi 5bgks @ 100gram

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