ORICO 2588US3-OR ( 2.5in HDD / SSD Mobile Enclosure with USB 3.0 )

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Product Introduction:

ORICO 2588US3 is a new release 2.5USB 3.0 HDD enclosure of ORICO, which could be applicable to most 2.5SATA HDD of the market. Customer can use USB3.0 super speed interface to store the data they need, the highest transmit speed arrives to 5 Gb/s. It also be compatible with USB2.0 & 1.1, if you system is not updated to USB3.0 interface yet. ORICO 2588US3 has black cover design, the surface is metal aluminum drawing material, which not only fashion but also could promote radiating of the HDD. Toll-free installation design give you best convenience. The side of the front has a LED light; you can read your HDD access status there. We also attach a set micro USB3.0 connecter and USB power connectera DC-to-USB transmit wire which supply enough power for big capacity HDD use.

Product Features

1. Apply for any 2.5 SSD or SATA HDD.
2. Supper speed USB3.0 interface, transmit speed arrives to 5Gb/S.
3.Backward to be compatible with USB2.0&USB1.1, USB 2.0 highest transmit speed can reach to 480Mb/s.
4. Support PC&Mac.
5. USB plugs and play, no need to restart computer.
6. Tool-free installation design, no need any tools to install HDD.
7. Aluminum alloy drawing material surface, promote HDD radiating function, fashion style.
8. Blue LED power light & HDD access indicating light, soft light wont be harsh in the dark environment.
9. Attached delicate leather coat to avoid scraping, supply more protection for taking outside.
10. Attached DC to USB A type power cable for big capacity HDD use.:


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