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Features and Benefits
Support for up to 4 GPUs per module
Field upgradeable firmware
Full hardware synchronization
Support for connecting multiple computers and their GPUs together
Sync to virtually any video source
Serial ATA power connector
Support for OpenGL and DirectX
ATI FirePro S400 Framelock for simulation, visualization and power walls
The ATI FirePro S400 delivers Framelock by combining Output lock (synchronized display output) and 3D swap lock (simultaneous 3D buffer swapping), helping ensure that the GPUs in connected systems present their output in lock-step.
The two RJ-45 connectors on the module allow for connection of multiple daisy-chained systems (each with up to 4 ATI FirePro GPUs inside). The BNC connector on the module optionally allows systems to be synchronized (Genlocked) to an external signal, a capability essential for use in powerwalls used in live television broadcasts.
ATI FirePro S400 Genlock for broadcast, NLE and other video workflows
The ATI FirePro S400 permits Genlocking by delivering Output lock ((synchronized display output) that is driven by an external reference signal (typically house sync). This allows the output of attached GPUs to be fed into video-centric devices (e.g. monitors used in broadcast applications, or Non-Linear Editing suites).
The BNC connector on the ATI FirePro S400 allows for receiving and synchronizing to virtually any video input source, including:
PAL & NTSC SD video blackburst
HDTV tri-level sync
Sync signals on SDI
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AMD ATI RADEON Firepro S400 Synchronization Module

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