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Tanjung Puting Tour & Travel (11019241) di Kab. Kotawaringin Barat
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To navigate the rivers in the jungles of Central Kalimantan, kelotok is the main mode of transportation. But tourism has now added to its function. To serve the adventurers from the corner of the earth, the kelotok now equipped cabin, making the boat along the 14 to 20 meters is more worth dubbed "home run." From Pangkalan Bun, kelotok initially down the Arut River sprinkled wooden house at his side, then switch to Kumai River , then attacked through the forest to reach the black-watered Sekonyer River in the area of Tanjung Puting National Park.

Walking through the jungle after sunset, nocturnal animals and forest nightlife will bring a memorable safari sensation. When the silence began to ambush Tanjung Puting, when the sleeping orangutans fell asleep in the nest, many other inhabitants of the jungle were busy on the move. Flocks of fireflies flickered in the dark. Wild boar sniffing. Tarsius struggled to hide his body.

Wake up in the morning while sipping coffee and then breakfast breakfast on top of the kelotok, our ears will be spoiled by an orchestra involving about 200 species of birds. Peeping jelly crevices, other wildlife awakened morning, such as monkeys, gibbons, slow lorises, and of course long nose monkey (proboscis monkey) with endemic status in Borneo. Visitors can also walk along the paths that split the forest to see a variety of plants, ranging from semar bags to mushrooms.

By buying a standard price package, you can enjoy the atmosphere in the wild, following include the package we provide :


1.Transportation from airport to boat and boat to airport

2.Guide tours & Cook (Cookers)

3. transportation of boats / klotok

4.All admission

5.Accommodation During the Boat / Klotok, During the tour

6. Food and Drink During the trip

7.Snack and mineral water during the trip


1.Accommodation at the Inn

2.All flights

3.Every type of insurance

4. Laundry service, phone call

5. Shop, and other personal expenses

6.Each fee due to flight delay

And pay 30% of the total price as a sign that you have ordered on that date

See the natural scenery and wildlife in Tanjung Puting National Park, you can see directly in the wild using klotok tour, you can buy tour packages with standard price .. (2D1N_3D2N_4D3N) ... PLEASE CONTACT THOUGHT BEFORE BUYING

Note: Message 1 month or mid month before your trip to Tanjung Puting National Park
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Tanjung Puting Tour & Travel

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