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Headset Sades 706 Xpower (8267121) di Kota Pekanbaru
The key to successful domination starts with a great gaming headset, like the Sades XPower. With outstanding Powerful 50MM 5.1 stereo speaker that includes our own proprietary Max full Stereo Sound features, and that has Powerful and UPGRADED HI-FI sound channels driver, delivers well defined clear trebles at 5.1 stereo speakerjust great and clear Surround Sound Stereo Channels. The XPower comes with flexible-bendable noise canceling microphone. The XPower is a must have gaming headset to every gamer. With seamless headset adjustable levels that stretch up to 9 different levels, comfort gaming is delivered. Not only that, but the Sades XPower provides extremely soft leather padding to exceed expectations in the definition of longer gaming hours. Durability in the cable line is an issue most headset users are worried about, but with the Sades XPower that wont be a problem. With a 9 foot long braided fiber cable, we bumped up the toughness of the cable by 5 times than the standard cable. The control panel comes with volume control and mute buttons for your sound and microphone with a click of a button. Lets not forget about the cool LED lights included in both the ear cups for craftsmanship and style. The Sades XPower is a one of kind gaming headset.

Style: PC/Apple-Mac/PS4 equipped with Upgraded Gold-Plated connectors for best gaming experience
Unique 4-pieces of padded headband and comfortable ear cushions guarantees hours of gaming comfort
Reinforced headband, which offers nine levels of height adjustment for the perfect fit
Little smart in-line Remote Control for sound and Mic
Unique style of shape, as well as noise canceling microphone for stylish display
Soft leather cushion head-pad and ear-pad for wearing comfort
LED Lights
Extra Durability with the braided fiber cable

Interface: PC/Apple-Ma
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Headset Sades 706 Xpower

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