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Headphone Knowledge Zenith+Microphone Headset KZLP3 (5890679) di Kota Jakarta Barat
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Excellent Headset with Enthusiasm
KZ-LP3 vocal performance range width is 2.5 times that of traditional headphones, the difference between various type of commercially available headsets experience complete vocal music producer, music enthusiasts, tuners, etc.

The Voice Quality Stands High and Give You Crystal Clear Sound
Driver uses the LP3 without using special high-end equipment, try to choose a relatively high power output devices, to get a more perfect sound experience.

The extra padded ear cushions isolate sound and provide a comfortable feeling during a long listening time.

Be Very Comfortable to Wear For a Comtomized Fit
LP3 cell size from the original 30mm repeated countless times again open mode debugging using 36mm specifications finalized, vocal performance is 2.5 times the width of the range of traditional headphones.

The Direct Approaching Electrostatic Headphones Level
LP3 positioning in a popular style of music heaphones, it does not belong to the category of professional headphones in the traditional sense, because in the whole range of plumpness and rendering power of the human voice.
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Headphone Knowledge Zenith+Microphone Headset KZLP3

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