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Eartronic AudioMed Headphone - Black (5920289) di Kota Jakarta Barat
Warranty 1 Bulan
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Package Contain : headphone only
Better Hearing, Better Life
The AudioMed is a therapeutic device which stimulates sensory hair cells with certain frequency signals. With the AudioMed hearing ability can be improved and hearing impairment counteracted.
The headphones from a reputable manufacturer have been equipped with more powerful speakers. As a result the AudioMed reaches the entire frequency range of human hearing (250 Hz ~ 12,000 Hz), surpassing commercial quality standards. With a medical-technical background specifically developed for the treatment of hearing loss.
Advantages of the AudioMed :
Home use
Convenient and easy to use
Small investment no rental fees
Preventive effect
Long-term use
Improved quality of living
Quick results
Self Treatment
The data of the determined frequency ranges and the respective hearing threshold are then saved onto the AudioMed. The patient can now use the AudioMed at home and start the self-treatment. At the start of each session the patient sets the volume to zero and then adjusts it to his/her individual hearing threshold. Each ear is treated separately. After adjusting the threshold the treatment begins.
During the sessions at home (1-2 sessions a day, 40min each) middlefrequency signals simulate the damaged hair cell regions in the inner ear. The transmission of impulses/signals near the hearing threshold - quiet and barely hearable maximises the effect of the therapeutic restoration. During the continuous treatment of the patient with the AudioMed the original audio output volume is constantly readjusted and reduced by the patient himself/herself. After a self-treatment of about 4 - 6 weeks the success is verified / confirmed by a third hearing test.
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Eartronic AudioMed Headphone - Black

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Kota Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta
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