Legacies a Chinese Mosaic Bette Bao Lord

Legacies a chinese mo buku sosial politik 4461515
Larangan, Kota Tangerang, Banten
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Commentary from me personally (yes I am agorabedding store owner
but I am also a.. hmmm.. good reader as well):
It is really difficult to describe this work, whether as a
memoir or as a political critic. But, I find an easy way, I will
just simply put table of contents, and then, pasting the short
messages available inside the box on each of the chapters

Table of contents:
1. Transitions
Saturday, 15 April 1989...Hu Yaobang, former General
Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, dies.
2. Black armbands, red armbands
Monday, 17 April 1989...Students on Beijing campuses wear
black armbands and erect big character posters to mourn Hu
Yaobang and call for democracy.
3. The actress
Saturday, 22 April 1989...Tens of thousands of students who
marched the previous night to Tienanmen Square defy police
orders to leave. While official memorial ceremonies are held
for Hu Yaobang at the adjacent Great Hall of the People, they
pay their last respect in the Square.
4. The scholar
Wednesday, 26 April 1989...The official People's Daily
publishes a major editorial that accuses the student movement
of being 'unpatriotic', 'anti-party' and 'anti-government'. It
labels the movement a planned conspiracy led by those with
ulterior motives seeking to throw society into chaos.
5. The joker
Thursday, 27 April 1989...More than 150,000 students, with
support from hundreds of thousands of people in the streets,
surge past police lines to Tienanmen Square, returning to the
campuses sixteen hours later. Their slogans contest the
previous day's editorial. They proclaim the student movement
6. The long marcher
Wednesday, 3 May 1989...Zhao Ziyang appeals for
calm. Reportedly he is also urging the State Council to
respond favorably to the students' demands for effective
measures to end corruption in high places.
7. The returned student
Thursday, 4 May 1989...More than 250,000 demonstrators, among
whom are many who have returned from studies abroad, march on
Tienanmen Square to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of
China's first student movement.
8. The brick
Friday, 5 May 1989...Rumours abound concerning differences
among the leadership and Deng's whereabouts.
9. The journalist
Tuesday, 9 May 1989...More than one thousand journalists
representing thirty media organizations in Beijing deliver a
petition to the government calling for freedom of the
press. Their banners read: 'We refuse to lie any more.'
10. The peasant
Saturday, 13 May 1989...Two thousand students launch a
hunger strike in Tienanmen Square to protest the 26 April
editorial and to demand sincere talks between elected
student representatives and the government.
11. The entrepreneur
Tuesday, 16 May 1989...It is the fourth day of the hunger
strike. Over two hundred of the strikers are hospitalized
from dehydration, sunstroke and exposure. Twelve students
have stopped drinking water.

Gorbachev and Chinese leaders meet in the Great Hall of the
People. Workers Carrying labor union banner s march through
the Square, appealing to the government for sincere talks.
12. The petitioner
Wednesday, 17 May 1989...Party Secretary Zhao Ziyang, in a
written statement, appeals to the students to return to the
campuses for reasons of health. He also recognizes the
student movement as a patriotic one and promises not to
punish any of its leaders.

Since Zhao's statement does not specifically reverse the 26
April editorial, students march again. More than one million
people gather along the roads to applaud the petitioners for
13. The white dog
Thursday, 18 May 1989...Before dawn, General Secretary Zhao
Ziyang and other members of the Politburo visit hunger
strikers at the hospital.

Once again more than a million people take to the streets in
sympathy with the hunger strikers, who have been under the
constant care of volunteers from medical staffs throughout
the city.

In the evening, Li Peng meets with student leaders in the
Great Hall of the People.
14. The cadre
Friday, 19 May 1989...A tearful Secretary Zhao Ziyang makes
a predawn visit to hunger strikers, saying that he has come
too late and beseeching them to end their fast.

Troops move into central Beijing as the authorities vow to
take firm measures to stop the protests.

In the evening, the student end their hunger strike.

At a special meeting of the leadership, Premier Li Peng
announces martial law. Zhao Ziyang's absence from the
meeting sparks rumors of his resignation or ousting from
15. The catcher
Sunday, 21 May 1989...Radio and television broadcast the
official New China Agency statement: 'The troops imposing
martial law must firmly carry out orders of the government
and have the duty to adopt very effective measures to put
and end to the demonstration.'

The Martial Law Enforcement Headquarters states: '...troops
have been somewhat blocked from enforcing martial law.'

Rumors circulate that Premier Li Peng has issued orders for
the city cleaners to move in at five a.m.; the prisons are
the be cleared to receive all students remaining in the

Convoys of troops line roads into the capital.
16. Portraits
Tuesday, 23 May 1989...Three men, without known connections
to any student groups, throw paint on the portrait of Mao
Zedong that hangs on the Gate of Heavenly Peace in Tienanmen
Square. Students capture the vandals.
17. Departures
Tuesday, 30 May 1989...Most of the students have evacuated
Tienanmen Square. Those remaining unveil a plaster of Paris
statue modeled after the Statue of Liberty, the 'Goddess of
Democracy'. The government calls it an insult to the nation.
18. Lifelines
Thursday, 1 June 1989...Students organize alternative
festivities for the celebration of Children's Day. The
atmosphere in Tienanmen Square is calm. Sanitation workers
clean up the area. Parents bring their children to the
19. The vermilion kite
The weekend of 3-5 June 1989...Tens of thousands of troops
advance on Beijing. At first they are held back by citizens'
barricades. Later troops on foot and in tanks shoot and beat
their way to the Square. The last students withdraw. Soldiers
occupy the Square and smash the Goddess of Democracy.
20. The refrain
Sunday, 1 October 1989...In Tienanmen Square, China
celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the
People's Republic.

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