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Message from the IOAA President

IOAA has been performed annually since 2007 as the astronomy and astrophysics competition for high school students. The host countries were Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, China, Poland, Brazil, Greece, Romania and for the second time Indonesia will host the IXth in 2015. The organizer of each host country has mobilized its countrys best astronomy and astrophysics educators to make problems for theoretical, observational and data analysis test. The problem has also been reviewed, corrected and finally accepted by the IOAA International Board. The process assured high quality exam problems are delivered to the participants of IOAA.
In several years the IOAA competition system has accumulated many high quality astronomy and astrophysics problems which are certainly valuable educational tool in astronomy and astrophysics for high school students. Such valuable treasure will be more instructive and easier to understand and to be used when it is improved by adding basic theories, instructions and more explanantion. It will contribute more to the world science education when it is distributed effectively all over the world. One of the ways is by publishing the materials in the form of book, either printed or electronic.
Prof. Mihail Sandu has provided his contribution for the world high school education by arranging the IOAA problem, solution and instructions in the form of book. Thanks to his great effort to make the potential resource become practically usable. Students, teachers, instructors can use this book in a preparatory training before participation in an astronomical competition like IOAA or other national, regional and international events. It is also a good book to be used as enrichment material for ordinary physics class.
Astronomers all over the world who are interested to translate and distribute the book in their countries are welcome. It will be very valuable for enriching science education in our country. The interested translators can contact the editor and the IOAA president.
Finally, I wish to thank again Prof Mihail Sandu for editing the material, adding solutions and comments and transformed it into published IOAA book. Thank also to the International Board of IOAA and academic team of each host country for creating the problems, you have contributed greatly to science education in the world. I thank also the publisher, PT Trisula Adisakti who help printing and distributing the IOAA book.

Bandung, Indonesia, February 7, 2015
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IOAA President
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