Alexander Solzhentitsyn August 1914

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Commentary from me personally:
This book is an epic work, comprising a grand scale of the
eastern theater of the first World War. I do not know how to
present this book to you, o my gentle customers other than
pasting the "about the author" from the second page of the book.

About the Author:
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize laureate and Russia's finest
living writer, was born December 11, 1918, in Kislovodsk,
Russia. In February 1945, as a young captain in the Russian
Army, he was arrested by SMERSH, the Soviet armed forces
counterintelligence agency, and charged with making derogatory
remarks about Stalin in correspondence with a school friend.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn spent eight years in concentration camps
and three years in exile for his offense--an experience which
provided the raw material for One Day in the Life of Ivan
Denisovich and The First Circle. During the mid-1950s he was a
patient in a cancer ward, but later recovered. In 1962, with
Nikita Khrushchev serving as patron, One Day in the Life of Ivan
Denisovich was published in the Soviet Union, but the printing
was stopped almost immediately. This is the only one of Alexander
Solzhenitsyn's novels to have been permitted publication in his
native land.

In 1967 Alexander Solzhenitsyn openly complained of "the
oppression, no longer tolerable, that our literature has been
enduring from censorship for decades...No one can bar the road
to the truth, and to advance its cause I am prepared to accept
even death."

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was awarded the Nobel Prize for
Literature in 1970, but has been unable to leave the Soviet
Union to receive the Nobel medal and prize money of $80,000 for
fear Soviet authorities might not let him return to his family.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn has been ostracized by Soviet
officialdom, expelled from the U.S.S.R.'s Union of Writers, and
denied the use of state archives and libraries. Nevertheless, he
has produced August 1914, a masterful novel of World War I
which, he points out, is only the first part of a work in many
parts that may take as long as twenty years to complete.

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