Alexander Solzhenitsyn The First Circle

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From the first page:

David Pryce-Jones, Financial Times:
The First Circle asks to be compared to Dostoevsky. Solzhenitsyn
is in the great story-telling tradition. When he introduces a
characters, he fills in the complete background. His portrait of
a Soviet prosecutor and his family circle is unforgettable. So
are chapters devoted to the brooding Stalin. A future generation
of Russians will be able to come to terms with their history
through books like Dr. Zhivago and The First Circle.'

V. S. Pritchett, New York Review of Books:
Very impressive. Twenty years ago Koestler gave us his
theatrically conceptualized account of Stalinism and the purges
in Darkness at Noon; Solzhenitsyn makes the subject more
spacious, and, as a real novelist must, places it in the lives
of men and women. He shows the lives out of which opinion has
grown. In his latest novel, The First Circle, he is quietly in
command of powers that were scattered and now, like the great
novelists, can control a beautifully orchestrated theme.

Thomas Lask, New York Times:
A book of great sadness with deep veins of humour...It is at
once classic and contemporary. Reading it, we know that it has
been with us for years just as we know that future generations
will read it with wonder and with awe.

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